Catchball commenced in Saskatoon Health Region this week as a way for staff to have input into the strategy for the upcoming 90 Day hoshin on patient flow.

Catchball involves a back and forth process with ideas. This week, the plan developed by senior leadership for the upcoming 90 day cycle of breakthrough activity is being shared with employees, physicians, patients, partner organizations and members of the public; everyone is asked to toss feedback and ideas on the plan with each other, online, and with managers, directors, and  senior leaders.

Need some ideas on how to implement the catchball process in our Region? Read the rest of this entry »

Contrary to the reports of some, Saskatoon City Hospital is open.

Over the years, even in the past few months, there have been calls to “reopen” the facility. But the fact is, it never closed. And it’s a busy place.

Dubbed the “Quality of Life” facility by the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation because of the services based within its walls, the hospital is home to a number of special clinics, including the Breast Health Centre and the Women’s Health Centre. Read the rest of this entry »

Last week, interior designers returned to focus back on the inside of Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan as the last phase of interior design got underway. Read the rest of this entry »

A patient recently showed her gratitude for the care she received at Royal University Hospital through a donation to the Royal University Hospital Foundation. Read the rest of this entry »

Teams involved in Saskatoon Health Region’s Better Every Day 14 Day Challenge told the story of the success achieved, problems they tackled, challenges they faced, and the strides they made during those two weeks at a report-out at Saskatoon City Hospital February 24. Read the rest of this entry »

They learned from their rural colleagues and their clients.

Home Care in Saskatoon Health Region has undergone some major shifts in the past year, the most significant of which has involved the way Home Care workers in Saskatoon are assigned to clients.  Read the rest of this entry »

“My dad saved my life when he donated one of his kidneys to me,” says Oliver Senger, a 17-year-old who received a kidney from his father, a living donor, four years ago.

When Oliver was six months old, his parents took him to the doctor when they noticed he was having trouble keeping his food down. After a battery of tests, they discovered Oliver had abnormally small kidneys, a condition that meant his kidneys were not fully functioning and unable to properly filter waste from his blood. Read the rest of this entry »

A patient scheduling system was recently implemented at the North East Health Centre in Saskatoon, which houses an international travel clinic, a child health clinic and speech and language pathology clinic.

Enterprise Scheduling is a patient scheduling module of Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM), the Region’s platform for electronic health records. This patient scheduling system not only streamlines the process of booking patient appointments, it ensures a patient-centred approach by enabling staff to quickly and accurately provide patients with information regarding the details of their appointments. Read the rest of this entry »

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