Patient reflects on own role as special care aide after medical treatment

Nestor Fortuna is a special care aide working at Stensrud Lodge. He recently wrote to manager of nursing, Cathy Marshall to express his appreciation of the care he received in 6300 Neurosciences at Royal University Hospital.

It is with the most joyful feeling I write this simple note to express my gratitude towards the staff in 6300 where I “lived” for five days for a continuous (electroencephalography) EEG.

It is well known that nurses make the worst patients ever, but in this case I find it hard to be such a cliché, I have no “good reason” to be anything else than thankful to your staff.

Nestor Fortuna thanks staff in 6300 at RUH for the care he received.

Given the fact that I was determined to stay awake for the requirements of my test, I got an extensive experience of the quality of care your staff delivers day in and out.

All your staff, whom made my stay in the hospital as good as it was, deserve to be praised individually; nevertheless, and as a nurse myself, I can assure you the strength of your floor lies in the collective effort and the sum of the knowledge of all nurses and auxiliary staff.

The level of professionalism showed consistently by nurses is only surpassed by the caring approach used in delivering such service.

As a manager you must be very satisfied with the high standards of the people you work with. And I wanted to make an effort to make a point in recognizing all the care I’ve gotten in my stay and congratulate you for achieving such high quality of care.

This humble point of view takes into consideration not only my personal opinion, but also the conversations with some of my fellow patients. Everyone I spoke with was more than satisfied with the care provided.

It has been a privilege to receive such good care.

It is a pleasure to be unable to pinpoint a single aspect that needs improvement. I leave that hard job to you. After all, I cannot conceive how such a great staff has gotten to be as effective without the leadership of a great manager.

The only negative aspect of this experience is that I discovered that my once-held “high bar” regarding patient care was not as high as your staff’s excellent quality of care. Therefore I am now not only content with these five days I have spent among you, but also I will carry with me a renewed commitment to patient care as a much better health care worker myself.