The two pediatric units at Royal University Hospital (RUH) have been consolidated into one. For the past several months, planning has been underway to operationally merge Pediatrics Unit 3000 and Pediatrics Unit 3100.

The new unit is now called Acute Care Pediatrics.

“These changes are necessary to improve patient care and safety within the current pediatric space while planning continues for the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan,” says Bette Boechler, Director of Maternal and Children’s Health. “The operational consolidation will also allow for a smoother transition into the new facility.”

This merger will involve some process changes, quality improvement initiatives and physical changes to the unit. Renovations to support this consolidation have now started in the unit. These will include:

•Creation of a single observation unit with eight beds (five will be private rooms)
•Creation of a secure unit entrance and consolidation of unit clerks
•Renovation of soiled utility rooms
•Securing of all medication stations
•Improvement of space for families (new family room, adolescent lounge, parent lockers and parent sleep rooms)

Renovations to the pediatric unit will occur in several phases to minimize the impact on ongoing operations. Renovations are expected to be completed by spring 2011.
“By renovating and consolidating, we will improve the way we deliver care to our patients and better serve today’s children and their families, as we prepare and plan for the future,” says Boechler.

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