The St. Paul’s Hospital Neighbourhood Market is set to return Thursday, August 26 and will run every Thursday until the end of October.

Karen Archibald, executive director of the Child Hunger and Education Program (CHEP), says, “The St. Paul’s Hospital market is an exciting partnership that brings healthy food to the staff and visitors at the hospital as well as to the surrounding community. It’s a win-win; city customers can purchase fresh fruit, vegetables and breads, local farmers benefit from selling fresh food to urban customers they wouldn’t normally be able to reach.”

The market showcases local produce from farms outside Saskatoon, fruit from British Columbia and Washington and bread from Christie’s Mayfair Bakery. It is open to the public and will be held every Thursday on the front lawn of St. Paul’s hospital from 2-5pm.

Why eat Local?
Local foods are a benefit along four primary sectors: environmental, social, economic, and human.

Environmental: Avoids extensive fossil fuel use associated with transporting foods long distances;
Social: Helps build community vibrancy and retain local traditions;
Economic: Income and employment are kept in the community; Encourages innovation and niche markets;
Human: Fosters fresh, seasonal food intake; higher content of vital water-soluble vitamins; increased fibre and lower fat, sugar and salt content of non-industrially processed foods.

So, join us for the market any Thursday afternoon and eat local!