Bob Florence recently spent a lengthy time in hospital at both Royal University and Saskatoon City after being admitted for emergency intensive care. He expresses kudos to many staff who crossed paths with him during his hospitalization.

“I was in intensive care at RUH for about three weeks but I have no memory of it,” says Florence. He was eventually transferred to Saskatoon City Hospital where he spent about two weeks in care.

It was during that time that Florence and Shirley Peakman met. Peakman is a member of the housekeeping team in rehabilitation services on SCH 7th floor at that time.
Sue Wagner, Assistant Manager of Facilities and Engineering Services says, “Shirley is a very pleasant and personable lady who is always willing with a smile to talk to all of the clients and staff in the area she is cleaning in.”

Bob Florence is back to work after a lengthy hospital stay.

Peakman first met Florence as she was cleaning up after lunch in the dining room on 7th floor. They began to chat Florence mentioned that when he gets discharged he was going to go to his favourite bakery and buy some fresh bread.

Peakman was shopping for her own groceries when she noticed a loaf of fresh Purple Wheat Cranberry Walnut Bread and recalled Florence’s love of different breads. She brought Florence the loaf the next day.

“She walked over to my bed,” recalls Florence. “She handed me the bread saying she’d just bought it and she wanted me to have one. I’d been eating pretty well in the hospital and I thought it was very nice of her. You certainly don’t expect things like that.”

In fact Florence’s kudos go to the all the staff he encountered, from physicians to nurses, therapies and housekeeping. They were pleasant and joked with Florence including one nurse who challenged him to a weigh-off. “One of the nurses came to me and said she was weighing all the patients and asked if she could weigh me. She was in her early twenties, five feet tall and very athletic looking. I got on the scale, and she said she was going to get on the scale too. She got on and called ‘game over, I weigh more than you.’”

Florence recalls the wonderful chicken meal he prepared with the direction of an occupational therapist. “She asked me what I wanted to cook. Next thing I know, she shows up with all the ingredients for a wonderful roasted chicken and fresh salad.”

Florence thanks all the staff he encountered during his stay in hospital. “I understand this is your job, but it goes beyond your job,” says Florence.