It is difficult to heat large buildings in these times of excessive cold. However, there are some things you can do to make yourself more comfortable (short of going on a trip to Maui).

Be active
Moving around produces body heat! The more you are active, the better your blood circulation will be. This will mean that hot blood gets to your fingers and toes, keeping them warm. This isn’t tough to do for front-line workers, but for those working in offices, get up and go for a quick walk when you get too cold.

Drink warm beverages

Coffee, tea and hot water are not only comforting, they physically warm our bodies from the inside out.

Tights/long underwear
You’ll notice Sprout wears tights. Not only are they fashionable, but if you wear them under your clothing, you’re providing your body with another layer of clothing to trap warm air in.

Dress in Layers
A turtleneck sweater can work wonders. Dress in layers, especially with wool or cotton clothing. Don’t wear your winter coat or you will have nothing else to put on when you go outside.

Get in shape. Twenty minutes of vigorous exercise can warm you up and keep you warm well after the exercise session. And your healthy body is generally more tolerant of the cold.

Close your windows properly
Windows should be latched. Some of our old windows may leak a bit, try blocking them with towels. If you feel an actual draft, contact maintenance to see about weatherproofing or replacement.

If you don’t have sunlight coming in your window, close the blinds to keep the heat in.

Use a radiant under desk heater

These heaters are very energy efficient (much more so than space heaters) and will heat small areas nicely. Contact us for purchasing info.

Hug a coworker
You should probably ask permission first, but find that person who is never cold and give them a friendly snuggle! Not only will it warm you up, it’s just a nice thing to do.

Conservation Corner is a regular feature of The Region Reporter written by Jocelyn Orb, Saskatoon Health Region’s Sustainability Coordinator. Visit SuperSprout’s blog site for more tips on being environmentally friendly at home and at work.