Imagine being a First Responder in rural Saskatchewan. You have all the medical training you need to handle any kind of call. But you don’t have the one tool that would let you provide even better care to someone who is in cardiac arrest: an Automated External Defibriliator (AED). That is now changing thanks to the 2010 Olympic Legacy AED Program and the generosity of Physio-Control Canada (formerly known as Medtronic).

Rod MacKenzie, Manager of Pre-Hospital Emergency Services presents an AED to Chris Dennis of Laird.

AEDs that were used during the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games are being donated to rural communities for their First Responders. One of these was recently delivered to Laird. Now, if there is an emergency in Laird, local First Responders can utilize an AED along with their medical training to bring the best possible care to a patient.
Other rural communities in Saskatoon Health Region that have benefited from this program are Vonda, Duck Lake, Prud’homme, Borden, Elstow, Lanigan, Asquith and the RM of Blucher.

Saskatoon Health Region and the Heart Safe program are grateful for the support from the 2010 Olympic Legacy AED Program and Physio-Control Canada for the generous contribution of an AED to these First Responder Groups.