Health Sciences Association of Saskatchewan (HSAS) members selected two days in Saskatoon to take job action, as part of rotating provincial health region strikes starting Tuesday, May 10. Picket lines hit Idylwyld Centre and Saskatoon City Hospital on Wednesday and Thursday.

Limited information was shared with the Region by HSAS prior to job action, however Saskatoon Health Region had strike activity plans in place. Seven minutes prior to job action on May 11, HSAS provided the Region with a list of 131 individual employees deemed non-essential asked to take job action, rather than specific programs or services. No notice was given prior to job action the following day.

“The Region will continue to minimize the impact on clients and families in our communities in any situation,” says Karen Newman, director of employee relations. “Our plans are very organized, and our teams have done a tremendous job in interpreting the limited information provided by HSAS.”

No surgeries or physician appointments were cancelled due to the job action, but several appointments were rescheduled.

HSAS took job action in Cypress Health Region on Friday, but the union has not indicated whether they will ask employees to take job action in other regions in the future.