Have you noticed something different about the Royal University Hospital employee entrance recently?

It’s hard to miss an elaborate 1,100 square foot mural, which has a series of parks and storefronts, Saskatoon Health Region values and even some hidden images painted on walls.
The mural was designed and painted by Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming (SCYAP), a charitable organization established in 2001 offering street-level, youth oriented solutions to crime and unemployment.

The program focuses on addressing the social, economic, and educational needs of youth-at-risk.
Thanks to 12 of SCYAP’s participants and four professional art coordinators, the hospital’s employee entrance went from monotone to overnight bright, with a mural that brings a more fun and friendly atmosphere for everyone who walks through the doors.

“The positive feedback and encouraging comments received from hospital staff made working on the RUH mural an excellent experience for the Urban Canvas project participants,” says a SCYAP representative. “SCYAP would like to thank the Health Region for contributing to the work readiness portion of the Urban Canvas Project.”

Enhancements to the entrance were only one noticeable change at RUH to enhance the physical atmosphere of the hospital this spring. Making the hospital and the environment more client and employee friendly was key, and several changes occurred.

The rest area on the main floor now includes a fireplace, patient and staff seating and window seats looking out into Saskatoon scenery. Also, cafeteria renovations introduced lounge-style seating, modern décor and televisions playing stations selected by employees.

The funding for the project was dedicated to RUH physical improvements to create better environments and experiences for staff and clients.

Thanks to SCYAP and their creation of a beautiful mural, Royal University Hospital is more comfortable and adds a little more colour to the day.