The installation of a new GE Proteus X-ray machine in Wadena Hospital and Pleasant View Care Home gives patients, clients and residents a safer way to have the procedure done.

“The new machine means patients no longer have to climb up to the X-ray table,” says Dayle Maryniak, Facility Manager of Wadena Hospital and Pleasant View Care Home. “The new unit is height-adjustable so it does the moving for them.”

The old unit had a step that patients had to climb to get to the table. The height-adjustable feature also allows staff to adjust the table to suit their height making it ergonomically correct for them.

The X-ray was installed through April and May and began operating at the end of May. The unit cost approximately $100,000.

Saskatoon Health Region is installing two more X-rays in rural communities this summer. Those are expected to be operational by the end of August.