These posts are part of a special ‘High Five’ edition of The Region Reporter for a couple of good reasons.

First, on September 13, more than 500 Bravo Award recipients, their families and nominators gathered together to celebrate exceptional service. Everyone in the Region provides great care and service every day, but these 100 awards highlighted people, departments and teams that their peers felt deserved special recognition. For example, Waldheim First Responders that saved a life; Releasing Time to Care units that are providing better care than ever before; and Food and Nutrition employees who make many days much brighter. Bravo. High five. And thank you.

High fives all around for the 2011 Bravo Award winning Workforce Planning team from People Strategies.

Second, Saskatoon Health Region is focusing on five main priorities this year – our High Five – to transform work and care experiences. These are medication reconciliation, preventing falls, access to surgery, employee safety and Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan. This certainly isn’t the only work we do every day, but they are five areas where we must succeed to make a better world for patients, residents and employees. This Region Reporter tells the high five stories of Saskatoon Health Region. Celebrate them, share them, and most importantly, create them.