A new leadership and management framework adopted by Saskatoon Health Region in August 2011 will be used to align formal and informal leadership development initiatives in the Region.

The LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework was developed by health leaders for health leaders and it has been adopted by 13 provinces across Canada, by the Canadian College for Health Leaders and endorsed by Accreditation Canada. It is already being used to frame the provincial leadership development programs, which Organizational Learning and Effectiveness (OLE), People Strategies is spearheading as well as Saskatoon Health Region upcoming Succession Development, Dyad Leadership program and Coaching for Engagement.

LEADS in a Caring Environment defines the knowledge, skills, and attitudes a leader needs to contribute to an efficient and effective Canadian Health System. The five domains in the framework are:

• Lead Self
• Engage Others
• Achieve Results
• Develop Coalitions
• System Transformation

A broad range of tools are available to support an individual’s development using this model. For example, The LEADS self assessment is a quick tool that can be taken by anyone in the organization to assess their strengths and areas of opportunity and 360 self assessment is available for the different management levels in the organization.

“Our health regions are collaborating on strategies to address leadership development within and among regions and that development will extend to both physician and non-physician leaders… a collaborative provincial approach is desirable as we move toward a system of looking and acting as ‘one’.”
~ Dan Florizone, Deputy Minister of Health

Colleen Stewart, Workforce Planning Consultant, with the Region, has started using the LEADS self assessments and framework in her role as mentorship coordinator. She says it is a natural fit with mentorship. Mentorship benefits from reciprocal learning – learning from your peers,” says Stewart. “It encourages reflective practices and thinking. Both new and existing employees who are mentors can see their strengths and see that ‘gee, I am a good employee’!”

Leading Without a Title is a central theme in the LEADS framework. framework. In health care everyone can choose to be a leader, regardless of role. The DVD Cardboard Stories which was developed by a group of participants in the Succession Development program highlights stories from our employees that help to bring these concepts to life.

The LEADS framework material can be viewed online at www.leadersforlife.ca/leads-framework and will soon have a dedicated spot on the InfoNet.

“The goal is to integrate the capabilities in the LEADS in a Caring Environment in all the activities within the Region’s Talent Management Framework and have everyone in the organization utilizing them in everyday practice – planning, team building reflective practice and decision-making, ” says Betty Mutwiri, Manager, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness.

For more information, or to request the Cardboard Stories DVD please e-mail learnnlead@saskatoonhealthregion.ca.