It’s no secret parking at our urban sites is in short supply. It is also not a secret that like the rest of Canada, 80 per cent of drivers in Saskatoon and 80 per cent of Saskatoon Health Region employees drive alone to and from work.

As part of our ongoing efforts to go green and to enhance transportation options for Saskatoon Health Region staff, physicians and volunteers, the Sustainability Department is providing educational workshops on cycling, releasing a new online carpool service, and expanding the subsidized bus pass program (Ecopass).

Interested in carpooling?
Look for us at RUH, SCH and SPH in the second week of January, where you can see on our maps where the best potentials exist for carpooling in the city. Check out our new online service at
If you live in a rural area, contact us by phone (655-0676) or email and we can help you engage fellow employees.

Would you like an Ecopass?
The passes are issued on an annual basis, at a cost of $21.50 per pay period, deducted through payroll. Application forms are available on the infonet:

Interested in cycling to work?
Through a partnership with Saskatoon Cycles, we are offering cycling workshops throughout the region, both in summer and winter. If you are interested in having a workshop delivered in your facility, please contact us to set up a date and time.

Did you know??
Over four years, using public transit instead of driving to work would save $38,575.20, a healthy sum that can go toward retirement, renovations, education and other household priorities. You can calculate the cost of your commute at Natural Resource Canada’s Fuel Focus web site.

Conservation Corner is a regular feature of The Region Reporter written by Jocelyn Orb, Saskatoon Health Region’s Sustainability Coordinator.