“We talked and Saskatoon Health Region listened,” says Wanda Waldner. “They really listened.”
Waldner joined her sister Tammy Fleming at the grand opening of the Patient and Family Resource Centre on November 24 at Royal University Hospital. Fleming is a patient and family advisor with Saskatoon Health Region’s Client and Family Centred Care Steering Committee.

“The idea for the Resource Centre came directly from patient and family members at RUH,” explains Malori Keller, Saskatoon Health Region’s Client and Family Centred Care Specialist. “Patients and their families expressed a need for a quiet, comfortable, family friendly space within the hospital and they advised on what was needed in the Centre as well.”
Fleming and Waldner became very familiar with Royal University Hospital during the many days while their mother was a patient in the facility. “There really wasn’t a place you could go just to have a quiet moment or to check emails, or get additional information,” says Fleming. “It would have been nice to have a comfortable spot within the hospital to go to while my mother was getting tests or resting.”

The Patient and Family Resource Centre provides comfortable seating, five computer stations with internet access, a printer and, books and magazines. Patients and their families will also have easy access to information on local accommodations and amenities.

The Centre can connect patients and their families with library resources, patient education materials and additional resources within Saskatoon Health Region. “Clients can use the Centre as a starting point to access translation services, spiritual care, social work services, client representatives and other services,” explains Keller.

Funds for the Centre have been provided through donor support of the Royal University Hospital Foundation.

“We are pleased to support such a valuable initiative for patients and their families,” says RUHF Chair Bill Johnson. “It’s our sincerest hope that patients and families find this centre to be a source of comfort and information.” The Centre will be staffed by volunteers who will be able to assist patients and families in gathering information and establishing connections to existing Saskatoon Health Region resources.

As a family advisor to Saskatoon Health Region, Fleming had input into the Resource Centre project from the beginning and is very proud of the end result. “Whatever the reason for coming to RUH, we hope that patients and families take advantage of this caring, comforting space and the resources available,” says Fleming. “Sometimes the simplest convenience, like having a place to gather your thoughts, can transform your hospital experience.”