Kerry Sather has an important message for children of all ages. Bee Yourself.

Sather, a Special Care Aide at Nokomis Health Centre is also the author of a new children’s book titled Bee Yourself.

“Bee Yourself is about a little bee that is not happy with his life and feels it would be better to be someone else,” explains Sather. “But then he realizes that he is important too.”

Inspiration for the book came from the example Sather’s parents set for her.
“My parents always supported me in my adventures,” she says. “They made sure that I knew they were proud of me and they always encouraged me to be myself.”

Writing a book was something Sather had been thinking about doing for a number of years. “My husband Doug really encouraged me to do it and one day I just sat down and wrote it.”
Sather chose to self-publish her book through Your Nickel’s Worth Publishing. She warns that self-publishing can be an expensive option, but that the support and guidance she received from the company was invaluable.

“They really set us in the right direction and helped us all the way through,” she says.
Sather enlisted the creative talents of friend David Marc to do the illustrations for the book. Marc, an avid artist, had always wanted to illustrate a children’s book. “He drew it. He made it possible. He finished it.”

Sather and Marc have been enjoying doing book signings and readings but Sather says they’re already coming up with more book ideas. “David and I are working on the next book and also on some e-books. It’s very exciting.”

Bee Yourself is available at Chapters, Indigo, Coles and McNally Robinson.