The 2010 Saskatoon Health Region Worklife Pulse Survey revealed that 83 per cent felt most days at work were stressful to some extent.

In the 2011 provincial employee survey, 36 per cent said the amount of stress they experience at work is not acceptable to them. People who provide and support health care can’t always avoid stress at work, but there are some proven ways to manage it.

Healthiest You is a collection of Saskatoon Health Region stories and resources to help you get and stay healthy. From stress management to fitness centre info to the SECRET to shift work, this new resource guide will inspire all health-care employees to be healthy and contribute to healthier workplaces – a goal of the Healthy Workplace Leadership Team. The team is a cross-section of employees on a mission to create a healthy environment for their colleagues and help the Region achieve all levels of an Excellence Canada Healthy Workplace.

“It is so beneficial and convenient to have the gym right where I work,” says Brenda Chomyn, an employee and regular user of the fitness centre at SCH. “When I work out on a regular basis, I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to continue my day.”

“Everyone is different in what works for them and really it takes a few times to figure out the right formula,” says Karen Kinar, a respiratory technologist and long-time shift worker. “I try to sleep in during the first day of nights. Then, when I come home after my next shift, I try to sleep right away for as long as I can.”

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