On March 1, Saskatoon Health Region launched the Grateful Patient program. Aided by legislation changes to the Health Information Protection Act (HIPA) last March, the Region’s foundations hope to see a boost in their fundraising efforts.

The Grateful Patient program provides an opportunity for individuals to recognize and thank health-care professionals for quality care and contribute to innovative health care technology and equipment. Grateful Patients assist in providing care today while preparing for the future.

“Grateful patients and their families contribute to health care excellence in Saskatoon Health Region,” says Bruce Acton, CEO of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation. “Much of what we do as foundations would not be possible without their generous support.”

The Grateful Patient program works as follows; approximately 90 days after a patient is discharged from hospital, they may receive a letter from Saskatoon Health Region that includes a donation form for one of Saskatoon’s hospital Foundations.

Privacy paramount to the Region

“HIPA regulations allow the limited use of only the names and addresses of former patients, and the fact that an individual has recently received a health service from a Saskatoon Health Region hospital,” explains Bobbylynn Stewart, Director, Privacy and Compliance for Saskatoon Health Region. The Region has implemented a process where letters will be sent to former patients directly. “At no time will Saskatoon Health Region provide any patient information to hospital Foundations.”

Any patients who do not wish to receive a letter have a number of options for opting out of the program:
• Tell a Registration Clerk upon admission
• Call Saskatoon Health Region toll free at 1-855-655-7612
• Opt out online at www.saskatoonhealthregion.ca
• Fill out the opt-out form in a Philanthropy Matters brochure and put it in a
drop box located throughout each hospital
• Fill out the opt-out form in a Philanthropy Matters brochure and mail it to:
Registration Services Saskatoon Health Region
C/O Saskatoon City Hospital
701 Queen Street
Saskatoon, SK. S7K 0M7

Employee giving

Saskatoon Health Region also encourages all employees to becommunity stewards through volunteerism or charitable donations. Employees can support their hospital foundations or support their community through our partnership with United Way of Saskatoon and Area or start their own workplace fundraising initiatives.

“We encourage Region employees to get involved in Foundation activities or with the United Way as a participant, volunteer or supporter of our initiatives,” says Acton. “As an employee, you can make a difference by volunteering your time or talents, or through making a donation. Try participating in a fundraising event such as a golf tournament, or buying a ticket for the Hospital Home Lottery.” (Note: The most recent Hospital Home Lottery sold out in just 33 days!)

Employees can also choose to contribute to the Foundation of their choice through payroll deduction. Signing up is easy to do through the Region’s payroll department or at your foundation office. “And donating is flexible,” says Acton. “Give what you can and make a difference in your hospital.”