Brain Awareness week concluded on March 18 with a great event called Brain Blast!

Two model MRI machines were set up by the University of Saskatchewan to give Brain Blast participants an idea of what brain testing can be like.

More that 300 community members and Saskatoon Health Region employees took in the event at Saskatoon City Hospital, learning about the basics of brain function and finding out about the latest brain research!

They were given the opportunity to experience a mock neuroscience lab as well as trying out an MRI Model Machine.

The University of Saskatchewan provided two model MRI’s to Brain Blast. It gives a realistic idea of what it is like to undergo a functional MRI (fMRI) test of brain activity. In the foreground is the new addition, a full-size mock-up of the Compact MRI concept. The Compact MRI, for now only on the drawing board, will use new technology in its Radio Frequency (RF) system to form images and will cost less to build ($200,000 compared to $2 million dollars).

Everyone asked said they had a lot of fun with the interactive and engaging brain stations playing games and learning valuable information about how their brain works. University students with backgrounds in neuroscience helped educate people who travelled through the different stations.