In February and March, the Saskatchewan Environmental Society came into five of our facilities to talk to our staff about energy conservation.

They visited Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon City Hospital, St. Paul’s Hospital, Parkridge Centre and Kinsmen Children’s Centre and talked to a total of 164 employees. Each employee answered a series of questions and was asked for energy saving ideas.

Over the next few months, the results will be shared in the Region Reporter.

Paper use in the Region

Printing consumes energy, paper, ink and labour. In 2010, the Region printed over 24 million sheets of paper, and between the three acute care sites and Parkridge, sent 400 tonnes of paper to landfill. This excludes all the paper recycled through COSMO.

In the chart on the right, “Other” included research materials, information for volunteers and donors, emails, employee information for records and drafts for edit and review.

Take a minute to think about this list. Some of the printing is essential for communication to patients – not all have access to computers or email, and many likely prefer to leave hospital with a document in hand. That printing is value added. What about all the printing done internally – for meetings, educational material for staff, and the printing of emails?

Of course there are exceptions to this, but after sending 400 tonnes of paper to landfill last year, from only four sites of 75, isn’t it time to take a closer look at how much time, energy and resources are being wasted?

It’s up to all staff to figure out a way to print less. If you have an idea to take a bite out of the Region’s printing costs, send an email to Sprout at