Lindsay Thiessen found a Saskatoon Health Region benefit to help her get healthy and stay healthy, and encourages all employees to find one too.

“I believe it’s important for Health Region staff to set an example for the community and their families,” says Thiessen, corporate receptionist at Saskatoon City Hospital.

Thiessen recently joined World Gym and received a Health Region corporate membership rate, also offered in Saskatoon by Fitness Focus, Snap Fitness, Mawson Health and Fitness, Goodlife, the YWCA and the YMCA.

This benefit, along with many other Healthy Workplace resources and programming, helped the Region achieve Level 3 Healthy Workplace certification through Excellence Canada in July 2012.

“This is wonderful news,” says Maura Davies, Saskatoon Health Region President and CEO. “Lots to be proud of and many opportunities ahead.”

The certification comes with a list of successes as well as opportunities for improvement, including enhanced access to healthy workplace resources for those that aren’t in Saskatoon or don’t have computers, more informal recognition and stress reduction for point-of-care providers. Excellence Canada pointed out lean methodology as a strength for Saskatoon Health Region to improve processes and involve employees.

Lindsay Thiessen agrees, and she’ll continue to take advantage of the resources available to her, not only for herself, but also for her husband, her child and her coworkers.

“I’ve lost weight and feel healthier,” she says. “There’s no quick step. You have to change your eating habits and do physical activity. I feel better and I think I look better too.”

“I totally recommend going to the gym or joining the gym at the hospital,” she adds.

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