Saskatoon Health Region’s Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) teams have been hard at work since early spring. The teams have been sharing their knowledge, improvements, standard work and the results of the workshops through report outs. (Click here to watch!) But is there anything they wish they had known before going into a RPIW? The Region Reporter asked two RPIW team members to share their thoughts.

Darby Semeniuk

Darby Semeniuk – Director, Communications
Sub-Team Lead for RPIW #3 – Reducing door to bed time for pediatric patients in Emergency.

  1. I realized very quickly how important data collection is for every RPIW. Collect, collect and collect some more. The timings really reveal when and where our patients wait, and how much time employees spend on tasks that could be better organized.
  2. The best thing about an improvement workshop is talking to staff and patients. They’re the key to understanding how to make things better. Listen to people, and try to figure out how our current methods don’t meet their needs.
  3. A rapid process improvement workshop requires your time and attention. If you’re part of a workshop, consider it your full-time job. Pay very close attention to what our patients are saying. They’re part of every workshop for a reason.
  4. Lean leaders need to pull out every tool from the toolkit. There are forms, calculations, sheets, newspapers… it can be overwhelming. But each piece helps to illustrate how to make improvements. Learn why each piece is important.

Betty Mutwiri


Betty Mutwiri – Manager, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness

Team Lead for RPIW #9 – Information provided to scheduled surgical patients pre-hospital.

  1. I wish I knew and had been prepared for the long hours during week 3 and event week.
  2. I wish I had a better idea of what my accountabilities were – in addition to the role descriptions it would have been good to have the Team Lead evaluation criteria.
  3. A face-to-face orientation from someone who had experienced it before would have been helpful for me – the templates and paper documents were not enough.
    However, leading an RPIW was a huge highlight for me. It was very gratifying to work with a committed diverse team to deliver great results a very short time.