Electronic bed management, also known as patient flow, will be implemented by the spring of 2013 in Saskatoon’s three hospitals.

Staff recently had the opportunity to view the future flows as mapped by the working groups for the Bed Management project.

“Bed Management is really about capacity management. Putting the right patient in the right bed at the right time frees up space,” says Jenny Bartsch, Director of Surgical Services. “Even a single bed can make a huge difference to a patient waiting for it.”
Staff recently had the opportunity to view the future flows as mapped by project working groups. These groups have included managers, clinical coordinators from inpatient units, registration services, housekeeping managers and assistant managers at all three acute care sites in Saskatoon.

Feedback from the open houses was very supportive and came from every area of care:
• “Very positive for families.”
• “Less paper to get lost. Less phone calls.”
• “It will give excellent metrics to drive and support changes.”
• “I will be able to do my job much more efficiently and be able to focus on priorities.”

Bed Management aligns bed supply with demand. It eliminates steps so the right patient is placed in the right bed, for the right level of care, at the right time. Also, by efficiently assigning beds, and standardizing the bed turnover process, the wait time will be significantly reduced for the patient and work processes are improved for staff.

“When the right patient is placed in the right bed at the right time, the entire patient experience changes for the better,” says Sandra Blevins, vice president of Integrated Health Services and the project sponsor. “Electronic bed management is all about efficient patient flow and releasing additional bed space without the new bed cost.”

Blevins says bed management will greatly improve the patient experience at Saskatoon’s hospitals. However, the full potential of the system depends on how effectively staff use it. According to those who have put it into practice, bed management is easy to use and learn. Training will be provided to users prior to go live and staff will have the ability to see a demonstration of the Region’s bed management system in early November. Open houses will be held at all three hospitals; details on those open houses will be announced soon.

For more information on Bed Management, please visit the Infonet and click on Bed Management under the Departments tab.