Saskatoon Health Region and the Town of Wadena are pleased to welcome Dr. Leslie Huxtable to the community, the clinic and the hospital. She began on Monday, November 5, 2012 and joined Dr. Mosenza Kiapway at the Wadena Clinic in a part-time capacity. She will also work in the hospital and emergency department.

Donna Lazar, Dr. Leslie Huxtable, Heather Nakrayko,
Dr. Mosenza Kiapway and Donnalee Linde pose for a photo on Dr. Huxtable’s first day of work in Wadena.
Photo credit: Anne Sanderson, Wadena News

“We are thrilled at the news that Dr. Huxtable is able to join the practice in this busy clinic and hospital,” says Corey Miller, Director of Practitioner Staff Affairs for the Region. “We have been working closely with recruitment agencies to find additional support for the community and Dr. Huxtable answered the call.”

Dr. Huxtable is no stranger to Saskatchewan. Although she is originally from South Africa, she has been working for Northern Medical Services. She will continue to work in Saskatchewan’s north and has added Wadena to her schedule. Dr. Huxtable also support physicians in town of Wakaw early in 2013.