An ode to your local cafeteria. Same great food, now with a new great name!

The new logo for The Downstairs Café.

The new logo for The Downstairs Café.


Twas the eve of a big change, and throughout Saskatoon,
The hospital cafeterias were quiet, awaiting a boon;
The plates and the cutlery were ready to bear;
All the food for people soon to be there.
The staff were all busy making muffins and bread;
While visions of chocolate mocha loaf danced in their head.

Paninis and salads and soups were mixed up;
While chilli and stroganoff simmered for sup.
When down in the kitchens arose such a clatter,
Staff sprang from their stations to see what was the matter.

A new name was being whispered among the crowd,
And now we are ready to shout it out loud!
The Downstairs Café, as the cafeteria is now known,
Is setting a pleasant and tasty new tone;

Everyone’s welcome to sit, eat and relax;
Put down your pen, that note can wait on the fax.
Join us for supper, for coffee, or lunch;
Everything is tasty, you’ll like us a bunch;

So make your way down to be part of a new
direction for food services and nutrition too.
On mashing, on slicing, on frying and mincing;
On chopping, on stirring, on cutting, and mixing.
From the top of the stairs to the Downstairs Cafe;
Now cook away, bake away, come one and all!