Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, the provincial government and regional health authorities have entered into the next phase of a partnership journey to support the transformation of the province’s health-care system.
The 2012 SUN/Government/RHA Tripartite Agreement symbolizes a joint commitment to work collaboratively to make the improvements necessary to transform the system. It represents an innovative and collaborative approach to labour relations, which will ultimately benefit employers, employees and most importantly patients and their families.
“The tripartite is about planning for a better future together with collaboration and creativity being the hallmarks of this new way to address shared challenges and system transformation,” says SUN President Rosalee Longmoore.
The new tripartite steering committee identified three key priorities of immediate concern:

  1. regularization of hours of work,
  2. improved safety for nurses, and
  3. recruitment and retention in rural and remote locations.

“I’m very excited by the relationship we’re creating in this partnership,” says Petrina McGrath, Saskatoon Health Region’s vice president, quality and interprofessional practice. “Creating an environment that enables staff to be safe and healthy and ensures access to professional care where and when it’s needed is foundational to providing quality care for patients, clients and residents.”
“I also see this as a model of how to create generative relationships with all of our service providers and professional staff,” adds McGrath, “and it is these collective collaborative partnerships that will enable us to truly transform the health-care system in Saskatchewan.”
Much work has already taken place to identify the three key areas and develop a work plan. The next step is to ensure all stakeholder are informed and engaged in this unique partnership.
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