Pat Barkman, manager of nursing at the Transitional Care Unit of Saskatoon City Hospital has received the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association’s (SRNA) Mentorship Award. The award celebrates the significance of mentorship and its extraordinary influence between registered nurses.

“Pat has been instrumental in role modeling nursing best practice particularly in the areas of patient centred care, quality workplace, nursing administration and nursing leadership,” says Cathy Jefferey from the University of Saskatchewan College of Nursing who, herself, names Barkman as a valued mentor. “She has made significant contributions in the area of advocating for appropriate staff mix to patient population. She has also been the “go to” person for many managers of nursing for advice and education about workplace issues including her expertise with staff schedules. “She has been a tireless supporter of the work of her manager colleagues and is always the first to follow-up with someone if it is her observation they are having a challenging day,” adds Jefferey. “Pat provides a safe place to discuss concerns and pressures and a wealthy resource for those of us who were new to the manager role.”