Saskatoon Health Region is committed to falls prevention and is trying to provide many opportunities to raise awareness about what people can do to reduce their risk of falling. The best way to achieve this is through collaboration and partnerships, recognizing that everyone young and old has a part to play in preventing falls.

Children are a great resource. Kids learn through reading, sharing, interacting and playing. Everyone knows what kids learn in school comes back to the home. Children can be very influential in the eyes of their grandparents and other older adults in their lives.

The proponents of a new book on falls prevention are counting on that. Safety Superheroes is a picture book that encourages kids to work together make the home environment safer for the older adults in their lives. It also consists of an interactive game and checklist that promotes an intergenerational approach to falls prevention.thumbnail_Safety_superheroes

Thousands of older adults fall each year and between five and 25 per cent of falls result in serious injuries. Falls represent 57 per cent of all injury related hospitalizations. A fall can cause not only pain and suffering but also loss of independence.

Representatives from the Saskatchewan Central Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Team, the Saskatoon Council on Aging and Saskatoon Health Region’s falls prevention team joined a group of grade 1 and 2 students from École River Heights School to introduce the book “Safety Superheroes: Preventing Grandparents From Falling” and its concepts. SCOA volunteer Burna Perkins engaged the children with her animated story-telling to create a group of falls prevention superheroes.

This launch took place in partnership with Saskatoon Public Library which has added this book to its collection and will soon have more copies available to borrow. The book can also be purchased at McNally Robinson or online at