Imagine what would happen if more than 100 health-care leaders in Saskatchewan initiated a change project to benefit patients, families and care team members across the province.

Saskatchewan Leadership Program participants

Leadership Program participants discuss systems transformation and change leadership in November 2013.

That’s exactly what happened as the first participants of the Saskatchewan Leadership Program completed their training in November 2013 and launched transformational change projects in their regions and organizations. Leaders in different streams of the program took part in several workshops throughout the year, and graduated after a two-day learning opportunity finale on systems transformation.

The Saskatchewan Leadership Program is ideal for employees across the province who wish to move into roles with more responsibility, those who want to further develop their leadership skills to benefit their organization, and those who aspire to senior positions in the provincial health system. The program is built around the LEADS in a Caring Environment Capabilities Framework, which has five key areas: lead self, engage others, achieve results, develop coalitions and systems transformation.

The application deadline for the second wave of the program, which includes manager, succession and dyad development streams, is November 30, 2013, and the program launches in March 2014. Application forms are available online at