Looking forward to cutting grass
No one likes to shovel snow. So when support comes in the way of a new tractor that blows snow and cuts grass in the summer, you take it. Gratefully. That’s how Jerry Reichert feels about the most recent donation from the Watrous Community Health Foundation toward a modern tractor.

“We have 50 parking spots for staff and 29 spots for visitors,” says Reichert, who has worked in Watrous for 27 years and is now head maintenance worker at the complex. “We also have roadways that need cleaning when it snows. This new tractor makes it possible to clean the whole area within three hours.”

Jerry Reichert is grateful for the support of the Watrous Community Health Foundation.

Jerry Reichert is grateful for the support of the Watrous Community Health Foundation.

The old tractor was showing its age, and upkeep was becoming a time-consuming chore. When Reichert approached the foundation, they wholeheartedly agreed to support the purchase of the new tractor.

“We are so grateful for the support of the community through the foundation,” says Leah Ehman, assistant manager at the complex. “They were there when we needed help raising funds for the expansion of the building and they’re supportive when we need their ongoing help.”

The John Deere 1565 tractor has a cab with heating which allows the maintenance department to begin snow clearing at 4:00 a.m. on those snowy winter days.

“Instead of spending time cutting grass and blowing snow, we can spend our time on maintenance and upkeep of our new building,” says Reichert. “Cutting the grass and doing all the trimming work on the property can take a full day,” he adds. “This new equipment will help us complete the grounds work more efficiently so we can ensure our building is in good condition for our patients and long-term care residents.”