Plans are progressing for the new 28-bed Convalescent Rehabilitation (CRU) unit will be on the 6th floor of Saskatoon City Hospital.

RR-2014-07-02-CRU-UnitThe individuals working in the CRU will provide care for patients who no longer need acute services, but still need a little more time to recover from a hospital stay before heading home or to long-term care.

Getting this unit up and running is a priority for the Region since it will help optimize patient flow. Teams have been working on establishing the unit since May 21, 2014. The target opening date is September 16, 2014.


Contact Donna Bleakney, Director Seniors’ Health and Continuing Care and Convalescent Care Unit Project Co-Lead (306-655-8567, or Renata Mag-atas Blair, Director Capital Planning and Project Management and Convalescent Care Unit Project Co-Lead (306-230-8008;