Better Every Day – Our Stories
Teams of Saskatoon Health Region employees and physicians are working hard to make the patient experience better every day.

Before the RPIW #83 team made changes, patients in St. Paul’s Hospital 5B ward (General Surgery) were never really sure when they were going to be discharged. And, even after discharge orders were written, patients were waiting three or more hours to go home. Communication between physicians and nurses was lacking.

RR-2014-08-13-BED-Discharges-SPH-5BA team of employees and physicians came together to ensure patients know their estimated date of discharge ahead of time; a patient’s wait time to go home has been reduced by 48 per cent. Thanks to new standard work processes, communication between all of the patient’s care providers is also much better.

A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop, or RPIW, is a week-long event bringing together patients, employees and clinicians to focus on solving one problem. RPIWs are just one improvement tool in our lean-based Saskatchewan Health Care Management System. For more information about the Saskatchewan Health Care Management System, visit