Better Every Day – Our Stories
Teams of Saskatoon Health Region employees and physicians are working hard to make the patient experience better every day.

Previously, staff in the Health Records Department at Saskatoon City Hospital felt they were chipping away at a mountain when it came to updating outpatient health records. Each day, they attempted to whittle down the backlog of paperwork, only to leave at the end of it feeling as if they had failed. The RPIW #90 team focused on streamlining processes in order to reduce the time between receiving patient information after a discharge, and the paperwork going into the patient’s file.

Clerical Staff in the Health Records Department at Saskatoon City Hospital.

Clerical Staff in the Health Records Department at Saskatoon City Hospital have all contributed to speeding up the process of updating patient records through RPIW #90.

With the much-appreciated collaboration of staff on the outpatient floors and emergency room, the amount of unnecessary papers being sent to Health Records was reduced. In their own department, the Health Records team introduced a new process that cut down on paper sorting and handling. They set aside the existing backlog to focus on “doing today’s work today.” In a matter of weeks after the RPIW, the new process has sped things up to the point that paperwork is no longer piling up. This has meant that patient files are being updated in a timely fashion, ready for health care providers to access when needed, and that all health records clerical staff feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day as they walk out caught up on their work.

A Rapid Process Improvement Workshop, or RPIW, is a week-long event bringing together patients, employees and clinicians to focus on solving one problem. RPIWs are just one improvement tool in our lean-based Saskatchewan Health Care Management System. For more information about the Saskatchewan Health Care Management System, visit