People in Wakaw, Cudworth and the surrounding area can now access primary health and urgent/emergent services every evening and weekend.

As of September 17, the Wakaw Primary Health and Collaborative Emergency Centre (CEC) will be open every day from 8 a.m. to midnight.

This is the next step in a staged process intended to enhance health services for the residents of Wakaw, Cudworth, and the surrounding area.

Wakaw Primary Health and Collaborative Emergency Centre

The Wakaw Primary Health and Collaborative Emergency Centre is located at 301-1st St. North in Wakaw.

The primary health care team of doctors, nurse practitioner, and nurse will continue to staff the Primary Health and CEC during their regular hours. Paramedics from Wakaw Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will be posted in the building when the primary health care team is not there, allowing continued access to health services.

“The paramedic team has the training needed to provide thorough assessment and will consult with an off-site medical director by phone to best determine the course of treatment required for everyone who is seen,” said Kayla Burechailo, manager of the Wakaw Primary Health and CEC.

The paramedics working in the CEC will never be called away to emergencies, she explained. In the case of an emergency occurring elsewhere in the area, other EMS staff would respond.

Paramedics from Wakaw-Cudworth in front of an ambulance.

Paramedics like these will now be staffing the Wakaw Primary Health and Collaborative Emergency Centre in the evening hours.

Saskatoon Health Region has ordered specialized equipment to meet the needs of the enhanced service, such as stretchers, portable suction machines, and blood pressure monitors. The Region has also developed policies and procedures to ensure that the public is being provided with safe, high-quality services, and the health care practitioners at the Wakaw Primary Health and CEC have been trained to meet the demands of this exciting and innovative approach to providing care.

The first stage of providing the people of the Wakaw-Cudworth area with increased access to health services was implemented in May of 2014. That included extending the hours the Wakaw primary health care team was available to include Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. This, along with daytime access to primary health care in Cudworth, was the foundation for this model of care which utilizes the deep skill sets of the health practitioners to provide extended hours of service to everyone in the area.