How well do your lungs work? How do they work at all? And how do Respiratory Therapists help keep them working?

Those are questions Respiratory Therapists in Saskatoon Health Region are providing the answers to this week, as October 26 to November 1 is Respiratory Therapists Week in Canada.

An information booth about the profession has been set up in the main mall at Royal University Hospital. Manned by Respiratory Therapists, it displays a set of pig lungs, which are hooked to a ventilator, to show how the mechanics of how lungs fill with air.

Pig lungs deflated and inflated with air.

To educate the public about lungs and how they work, respiratory therapists with Saskatoon Health Region have set up a booth complete with pig lungs hooked to a ventilator. The lungs demonstrate what they look like empty (left) and full of air (right). This week is Respiratory Therapists Week in Canada.

The display make it very clear what lungs do, and what a ventilator does in the intensive care unit. The therapists are there to answer any questions about lung disorders, sleep apnea or machines that help with breathing.

They are also there to talk about what they do. Respiratory Therapists play a key role in critical care, literally helping  patients keep breathing.

These highly-skilled health professionals care for patients by evaluating, treating, and maintaining heart and lung function. They have specialized medical expertise, use advanced medical technology, and are educated to treat all age groups, from newborns to the elderly. Most work in hospital settings, particularly high-risk areas such as intensive care units, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and neonatal nurseries

The booth will be up for the rest of the week.