More than 90 people in Saskatchewan are currently waiting for a kidney transplant. On average, they will wait 2.8 years for a kidney – that’s 437 dialysis treatments. Many others are waiting for a cornea, heart, lung or liver transplant.

Today Saskatoon Health Region launched an organ and tissue donation awareness campaign to encourage more support for donation and to get people talking to their families about their decision to donate.


When Acacia died at the age of 18, her parents honoured her life by making it possible for other people to continue living. Acacia successfully donated six organs to five people.

Acacia’s parents say the decision to donate their daughter’s organs was based on what their daughter would have wanted. Acacia was incredibly loving and joyful – someone who had a gift of connecting with people and who would want to continue helping those in need.

When we support organ and tissue donation, we are given an opportunity to save or improve other people’s lives. Sometimes this opportunity presents itself while we are still living, through the donation of a non-vital organ or tissue to a family member or another person in need. Other times we are given an opportunity to continue offering hope even after our life has ended.

The Offer Hope Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Campaign is a six-month initiative. Each month, a video-poster-story series focused on donors and recipients will be released, beginning with Acacia’s story in December. The campaign will also include a series of lunch and learn sessions for staff in Saskatoon and Regina hospitals and the launch of the Offer Hope Toolkit, available in January at

The campaign is being supported by the Government of Saskatchewan, Lions Eye Bank, Saskatchewan Transplant Program, Saskatoon Health Region and Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region.

Learn more about the campaign and Acacia’s story.