Staff at a long term care home in Wynyard kept calm and carried on while dealing with an emergency last weekend.

A Code Red was called at Golden Acres Nursing Home, part of the Wynyard Integrated Facility, just after 8 p.m. on December 13 after staff members saw smoke coming from the ventilation system.


Front doors of Wynyard Integrated Facility

Staff kept calm when a Code Red was called at Golden Acres in Wynyard last weekend, helping evacuate 29 residents from the long term care home into the attached hospital for a short period of time.

In all, 29 residents were evacuated to another area of the facility, and emergency services were called. Some residents and staff were taken to the adjoining Wynyard Hospital for evaluation by a physician. All were cleared by the physician and released shortly after.

The cause of the smoke was deemed to be an equipment malfunction which caused a belt to burn out. The Wynyard Fire Department attended the scene and eventually gave the all clear.

“Due to the speed and efficiency of all the staff, thankfully, no one was injured ,” stated Kim Kardash, manager of Wynyard Integrated Facility.

Extra care staff were called into the facility to look after and assist the residents during the evacuation.

“The staff of Golden Acres did an excellent job reacting to the situation, and maintaining calm throughout the incident,” noted Lori Hinz, Director of Seniors Health and Continuing Care for Saskatoon Health Region. “All of our staff did exactly what they were supposed to do to ensure that our residents were safe and cared for while issue was being resolved. I am extremely proud of their response.”

Residents were allowed to return to the facility approximately two hours after being evacuated.

An inspection of the system occurred on Monday, and the Region is investigating further to determine how to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.