If you hear “Pediatric Code Navy” being called at Royal University Hospital (RUH) in the future, it’s not a mistake.

Pediatric Code Navy is the new code for pediatric Code Blue training sessions, which will begin at the end of January and occur monthly from then on.

RR-2015-01-21-Code-Navy“Pediatric Code Navy will provide the pediatric code team, as well as all Region staff who care for children, with regular training to improve practices and efficiencies and will ensure continued provision of the highest quality of care for patients,” stated Dr. Meghan Garner, Pediatrician.

This is a standard code used for training for Code Blue (Cardiorespiratory Arrest) events at hospitals across North America.

The health care providers who will respond to a Pediatric Code Navy are all those who would routinely respond to a Pediatric Code Blue. These test runs are designed to be as realistic as possible and will occur in varied locations throughout RUH.

The practise is necessary, noted Garner, as the pediatric team can go quite some time without an incident to keep their skills sharp. A monthly rehearsal will give them a chance to train for responding to these codes all around the hospital, from the pediatric unit to X-Ray to the emergency department.

The new code will only be used at RUH for now, but could be expanded to other hospitals in the future.

 A new Emergency Preparedness Codes sticker for the back of ID cards will not be created to include Code Navy at this time, but it may be incorporated on the stickers at a future date.