Last week, interior designers returned to focus back on the inside of Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan as the last phase of interior design got underway.

RR-2015-03-04-CHS-Intreiors4RR-2015-03-04-CHS-InteriorsRR-2015-03-04-CHS-Interiors2 RR-2015-03-04-CHS-Interiors3With the walls in place, the colours picked, now the team is getting direction on fabric and furniture. This is about making sure the pieces inside each room can withstand the reality of hospital life from cleaning to wear, can function to support care being provided, be maintained as the years pass, and finally, complement the amazing interior design concepts that were created by hundreds of Saskatchewan children, teenagers and families.

Groups were brought back together to review the designs, and provide further direction to interior designers. Teams will be brought back together again later this spring for the final furniture and fabric review.