They focused on giving back in order to come together.

On April 7, the Healthy Mother Healthy Baby (HMHB) team volunteered their time at the Friendship Inn as a way to strengthen their team.

The idea for this team-building activity came out of a collaborative meeting that the HMHB team had with the Friendship Inn’s volunteer and event coordinator, Amy Bratton.

Two women work in a kitchen

Members of the Healthy Mother Healthy Baby team help prepare lunch at the Friendship Inn on April 7 as part of a team-building activity.

“We invited Amy to a team meeting to learn more about the Friendship Inn and strengthen our connections with the community,” said Jacki Veregin, manager of HMHB. “After that meeting, we were all thinking we wanted to be part of this incredible community fellowship. We engaged in a conversation about the Friendship Inn and how the facility serves as both a community centre where all are welcome to come in to visit, have a coffee, watch the news, meet with staff members or enjoy two nutritious meals each day. Many individuals are dealing with poverty, housing issues and isolation and they know they can come and connect at the Friendship Inn with family and friends on a daily basis.”

So on April 7, the HMHB team made their way down to the Friendship Inn.

Two women clean dining room chairs

Part of the day included cleaning the dining room.

They arrived at about 9:30 a.m. and spent the morning getting lunch ready. For lunch, they served hot turkey sandwiches, dressing, potatoes, carrots, coleslaw and dessert to approximately 500 folks.  They also cleaned the dining hall from top to bottom before and after serving lunch, before leaving at around 1:45 pm.

“We all agreed we were pretty drained and had sore feet when we got back to the office,” said Veregin. “We commend those who do kitchen work daily.”

Veregin said they were all impressed with the Friendship Inn’s new facility on 20th St., and with the positive atmosphere that they experienced during the entire day.

“It was extremely nice to meet the staff, and their passion for their jobs was awe-inspiring,” said Veregin. “We noticed how connected they were to the people visiting and coming for lunch.”

All in all, it was a heart-warming day for the team, who got to mingle with some of their clients and meet many other remarkable people from the community. One of the prenatal nurses was even able to have a conversation in Cree during her day at the Friendship Inn, which isn’t something she is able to do in the course of her regular duties.

“We as a team are so proud to have had this team building opportunity, and are grateful to have shared this time with the community,” Veregin concluded.