“I knew I could help,” says Anton Canitz, a Specialist with the Kaizen Promotion Office who has been instrumental in creating the new forecasting tool in Saskatoon Health Region.

Anton Canitz, KPO Specialist, was instrumental in creating the Region’s forecast tool.

Anton Canitz, KPO Specialist, was instrumental in creating the Region’s forecast tool.

During the 14 Day Challenge in February, work began on creating a predictive model to accurately predict admissions and discharges within the Region. Anton heard about the work and mentioned his experience with forecasting within his work unit. “One of the other KPO members asked me to help on the team (Team 3). I mentioned my past experience with forecasting and started putting something together.” Anton worked with his supervisor to free his time to he could support Team 3. “Slowly, as the weeks went on, it just became something I did.”

He makes it sound easy. But the forecasting tool is a highly sophisticated piece of software that draws on data from many sources to make it as accurate as possible. The Region’s forecast was launched on the public website in mid-April and is already over the 90 per cent accuracy target rate the team hoped to achieve by the end of the 90 days (currently 94 per cent for overall admissions and 92.6 for discharges). He continues to refine the forecast and assist the team in other ways.

“Anton is a great example of one of our staff self-identifying a skill they had but perhaps didn’t use in their day to day work,” says Team Three Lead, Nilesh Kavia. “His hard work and skill has been a key reason our forecasting tool is as developed as it is.”

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