In the last five years, Saskatoon Health Region has seen turnover of approximately 50 per cent of its managers. This means that we have welcomed over 200 new people into manager roles during this time. They have brought with them enthusiasm and a fresh perspective.

However, we know we could do better in helping our new managers transition to this demanding role so they are better equipped to support and improve their own team.

Visioning Session

President and CEO Dan Florizone kicks off the visioning session with some inspiring words at St. Paul’s Hospital on Wednesday.

Some members of the 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day Team 3 and several members of Organizational Learning and Leadership met with current Health Region managers, Directors, union members and front line staff earlier this week in a visioning sessions aimed at better outlining what supports managers need to better manage their workplace and support their employees.

“This visioning event is all about improving manager orientation and development so they are equipped to grow their people, to understand their business and to improve their area’s processes and care,” says Patti Simonar, sub-lead of Team 3: Information and Decision Support. “Being able to do those three things, and have the supports in place to do these well, is fundamental to being a successful manager.”

“The diverse group of stakeholders here today have captured some key insights,” says Betty Mutwiri, Director of Organization Learning and Leadership and sub-team lead coordinating the visioning event. “Having those who have lived this experience be part of this session has really helped us flush out the true challenges and barriers and they have identified some big opportunities for improvements in the way we train and prepare managers.”

The next step is to take what was learned at this session and determine how we best meet these needs as an organization.

Additional sessions will be set up in the coming weeks. If you are interested in being part of this transformational work, please contact Betty Mutwiri, Christine Witt or Patti Simonar (Team 3).

See the website for more information about 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day.