Our Region is undergoing transformational change as part of our 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day initiative. There are three teams leading the way, but they need your help. You, who has the front-line experience. You, who has the fresh ideas for improvement.

There are several improvement events planned for the coming weeks that need new participants. These events usually only require a few hours of commitment but make a significant impact on planning. Please contact your manager and the team responsible for the event if you are interested.

  • May 11 – Alternative Level of Care planning (Team 1: Community Strategies)
  • May 11 – Community IV Therapy Program community expansion (Team 1)
  • May 13 or 20 (TBD) – Urinary Tract Infection Pathway (Team 1)
  • May 14 – Patient First Management System re: manager development (Team 3: Information and Decision Support)
  • May 20 – Alternative Level of Care planning (Team 1)
  • May 25 – Alternative Level of Care planning (Team 1)
  • June 8 – Physician to Physician Handover (Team 2: Transitions of Care)

Additional events are also in the planning stage. Please check the Saskatoon Health Region’s Ready Every Day page on the website for more opportunities to be part of the change.

Contact the teams: Team 1             Team 2                 Team 3

People take part in an improvement event.

A recent improvement event brought together representatives from all levels of the organization as well as union representatives to discuss potential changes to manager orientation and ongoing orientation.

See more stories about Region improvements at www.saskatoonhealthregion.ca/ReadyEveryDay.