In celebration of National Nursing Week we are profiling some of our nurses. Meet Nurse Practitioner Jone Barry.

Nurse Practitioner - Jone Barry

Nurse Practitioner – Jone Barry

A Nurse Practitioner in Wakaw/Cudworth Primary Care Centre, here is what Jone had to say…

What’s the best thing about your job?
“I get to do something different every day. The work is both challenging and rewarding.”

What’s been the biggest improvement you’ve seen in patient care in the past four months?
“I’m very excited about the work I am doing with the Haven (assisted living facility in Cudworth). Once a month I go to the facility to provide care for people who can’t come to our clinic for various reasons. I worked closely with the Health Council of Cudworth to get this underway”

“And thank goodness for the EMR (electronic medical record). I can now hotspot to get access to charts for better service for my patients.”

National Nursing Week 2015 - May 11-17