If you have been to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon lately, you may have looked outside and wondered why the construction site for the new maternal and children’s hospital – the Children’s Hospital of Saskatchewan (CHS) –  seems quiet. Here’s the facts on what’s been happening.

  • September 2014 thru winter 2015 – Phase 1 construction – CHS pilings and foundation underway. Blueprints for main building completed.
  • February 2015 – Blueprints for Phase 2 construction – CHS main building finalized and Ministry approval received to proceed to tender. Pre-qualified contractors who demonstrated the capacity, experience and financial capability to complete a project with the complexities of CHS were invited to bid. Bidders were given until late April 2015 to submit bids.
  • March 2015 – Phase 1 construction – piling and foundations – is successfully completed. All pilings installed in Phase 1 were documented and reviewed by an independent testing engineer to confirm they were installed in accordance with accepted industry practices. Contractor responsible for Phase 1 CHS piling and foundations construction leaves site while Tender for Phase 2 CHS main building continues as scheduled. The specialty piling contractor will return to CHS site to complete installation of an additional 61 pilings to be placed as part of the CHS main building construction.
  • April 2015 – Approval of a three week extension to tender closing is granted after project team receives requests from pre-qualified bidders. Tender will now close mid-May.
  • NEXT MILESTONE: June 2015 – Once tender closes, an evaluation team will review bids and make a recommendation for contract award to Saskatoon Regional Health Authority and Ministry of Health.
    • Contract award recommendation for CHS main building construction is currently scheduled for June. As part of the tender process, pre-qualified bidders will include information on number of days to complete the work which will assist to confirm anticipated construction completion schedule.
    • Construction of main building expected to begin shortly thereafter.
  • RUH site riverbank slope stability – given circumstances with other areas along the South Saskatchewan river valley, questions have arisen from public and staff regarding slope stability at the location were CHS will be constructed. During the design phase extensive geotechnical testing was completed on the site and it confirmed that the riverbank is stable in its current condition and that construction of CHS does not impact riverbank slope stability.

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Saskatoon Health Region’s CHS Project Director Craig Ayers provides an update on piling and foundation construction and tender of the main building.