Approximately 60 donors and friends of the Royal University Hospital Foundation (RUHF) got a close look at the initiatives of 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day on May 14 as part of the RUHF’s semi-annual Donor Grand Rounds.Saskatoon Health Region President and CEO Dan Florizone, along with vice presidents Nilesh Kavia, Sandra Blevins and Corey Miller, presented “Better Every Day: Patient-Centred Care Through Innovation and Action” to the crowd gathered at the SaskTel lecture theatre at Royal University Hospital (RUH).

Also present were Saskatoon Regional Health Authority (SRHA) board chair Mike Stensrud and Dr. C. Stuart Houston, who was the head of radiology and physician recruitment when the hospital first opened in 1955.

Dan Florizone and Dr. C. Stuart Houston.

Dan Florizone, President and CEO of Saskatoon Health Region, with Dr. C. Stuart Houston, who was the head of radiology and physician recruitment when Royal University Hospital first opened in 1955.

Florizone spoke about the opening of RUH, which occurred exactly 60 years before that night, on May 14, 1955.  He described the cold and rainy day that marked the official opening of all the patient beds at the new hospital.

He also gave the crowd some background about his goals when he first took over as CEO in January of 2015, what led to the Better Every Day 14-Day Challenge in February, and how those two weeks informed the current 90-day cycle of breakthrough improvements, Ready Every Day.

Florizone then introduced the teams, led by each of the vice-presidents in attendance, and explained the mandate of each.  The crowd was then led to the team rooms in the basement of RUH, and were able to listen to each vice president explain just what their teams have been up to.

Miller, leader of the Community Strategies team , spoke about the 10 initiatives his team has undertaken to try and divert patients away from emergency rooms by providing more services in the community.

Corey Miller

Corey Miller, leader of the Community Strategies team, updates donors and friends of the RUHF about his team’s activities.

Blevins, leader of the Transitions of Care team, delved into the work her team is doing in three areas to improve the patient care experience.

And Kavia, leader of the Information and Decision Support team, explained the development of the forecasting model developed to predict surges in demand on both St. Paul’s Hospital and RUH.

A short question and answer session wrapped up the evening.

“We were very pleased with how it went,” said Colleen McKay, Annual and Legacy Giving Officer of the RUHF.  “The presenters did a fabulous job, and our donors were very impressed.”

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