A Saskatoon clinic has garnered international attention for its work treating seizures.

On April 21, the American Academy of Neurology highlighted Saskatoon Health Region’s Single Seizure Clinic (SSC) at Royal University Hospital on their website .

“This is a great recognition because they feel that what we’re doing is a model of medical attention for North America,” stated Dr. José F. Téllez-Zenteno of the University of Saskatchewan, Department of Medicine’s Division of Neurology, and the director of the SSC.

“In Canada, the SSC model is new and probably becoming the standard of care across Canada,” study researcher Tellez-Zenteno, told Neurology Advisor. “Three years ago, we published a study where we calculated the waiting times for patients who had a single unprovoked seizure and found that without an SSC, the times were very prolonged.”

The article states that “in addition to reducing wait times, a single seizure clinic (SSC) model was shown to be effective for evaluating patients with epilepsy when compared with usual care.”

Dr. Tellez Zenteno is also one of the two doctors behind the creation of a “brain bank” to study the causes of refractory epilepsy in adults.  The bank consists of samples from patients of their epilepsy clinic who undergo epilepsy surgery. The bank has been highlighted by some important groups, including the International League Against Epilepsy  and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

The Brain Bank has also been highlighted by CTV news.