Tenders for the construction of CHS main building closed last week as scheduled, after granting pre-qualified bidders a three week extension.

The biRR-2015-05-20-CHSBlueprints-withModeldders had received 11 volumes of drawings and four volumes of technical specifications in late February which provided the detailed information required for bidders to complete their proposals. Bidders also had to consider within their proposals how they will work within this complex construction site, have construction materials delivered and how many working days needed to complete construction.

The confidential bids are now being reviewed by an evaluation team in order to clarify details of the bids. This review may include further discussion with the bidders in order for the team to reach a final recommendation on contract award.

The evaluation team includes representatives from Ministry of Health, Saskatoon Health Region’s CHS project team and finance, CHS prime architect, and CHS project management firm, with the overall evaluation process being witnessed by a fairness monitor.

The Tender evaluation process is currently expected to take at least 3-4 weeks given the complexity of the building and the subsequent bids.

The evaluation team will make a recommendation for contract award to Saskatoon Regional Health Authority and Ministry of Health later in June and the recommendation, including project budget and target construction schedule, will be made public at that time.

Phase 1 of construction, initial piling and foundation, was completed in March. Construction of main building is expected to begin soon after contract award.

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