Is this chair too high, too low or just right? Arms or no arms? Do we have the right number of chairs for this room?

This might seem like minor details, but these are the finer points that make a difference for patients and families, along with staff and physicians, who will spend their days and nights in the new maternal and children’s hospital receiving and providing care.

Floor plan with details on furniture

Every room in the new maternal and children’s has each a piece of proposed furniture placed for teams to review and finalize.

Last week, managers and staff for most of the hospital’s service areas worked through these detailed questions to choose the “must haves” for pieces and confirm location of furniture within clinical areas, including family space within the room. This meant reviewing the technical options proposed for furniture, testing samples, and determining the specifications.

Some members of the maternal team test samples of some of the potential furniture pieces as they review the specifications for each piece.

Some members of the maternal team test samples of some of the potential furniture pieces as they review the specifications for each piece.

This next step in the interior design evolution comes after rounds of meetings with families, staff, physicians and partners over the past few years. Through this, interior designers have considered all the input, along with what they heard from patients and families across the province, and created detailed furniture plans for each floor and room to complement interior design themes.

Designers also considered that all this needs to withstand the reality of hospital life from cleaning to wear, must function to support care being provided, and be maintained as the years pass. The result is detailed furniture plans with proposed pieces and types of furniture in each room and suggested placement.

A marked up floor plan):

The red marks indicate proposed changes to detailed furniture plans and specifications given by our teams.

Now, designers will take this latest feedback and further evolve our furniture plans and its fit within interior design. This detailed work will be used to create the needed furniture “blueprints” to go to market to find and choose suppliers, and then begin purchasing these for the new hospital.

Teams will reconvene in June, in addition with those patients, families and partners involved in overall interior design, to collectively review furniture for public spaces such as the main lobby, and review the latest interior design drawings.

Learn more about how our expert designers took ideas from Saskatchewan families and created the interior concepts for your new hospital here.

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