On Sunday June 15, 2015 the Health Sciences building on the University of Saskatchewan campus played host to CBC Radio’s Cross Country Checkup with Rex Murphy.

Dan Florizone and Rex Murphy

President and CEO Dan Florizone meets CBC Cross Country Checkup’s host Rex Murphy.

Fifty years ago, the call-in radio program was created to talk about medicare; on Sunday, the conversation continued in front of a live audience as they discussed the past, present and future of healthcare in Canada.

Saskatoon Health Region President and CEO Dan Florizone was one of the guests on the program, along with Janice MacKinnon, for former Minister of Finance, Margaret Tompson, cancer survivor, and retired occupational therapist and Maureen Klenk, the first nurse practitioner in Saskatchewan.

Listen to the episode here.

Crowd gathered for show.

Dan Florizone speaks to the live and radio audience at CBC Cross Country Checkup’s 50th anniversary show.