The Safety Alert System has made its way to Saskatoon City Hospital! The system launched on June 26 at 7:00 am and the first call came in at approximately 7:30 am.

“It’s great to have Saskatoon City Hospital on board,” says Victoria Schmid, director of the Safety Alert System for Saskatoon Health Region. “It took some time, but everyone we’ve talked to has been very receptive and it sounds like they are looking forward to just calling one number to report safety issues.”

Managers take part in a simulation session.

Managers take part in a simulation session.

Staff information sessions and manager training sessions have been going on since the beginning of June and a manager session with simulation training took place the day before the system launched. The simulations were presented by the Saskatoon Institute for Medical Simulation (SIMS) and provided managers with an opportunity to react and respond to potential safety issues and concerns in the workplace.

“The safety alert training was pretty straight forward, but the session was a great opportunity for managers to learn from each other,” says Linda Maerz, a manager with surgery services. “I loved that it was interactive and the simulations were extremely beneficial and useful for me. I also learned that we have a lot of work to do in our Region to ensure we are all treating each other and our patients and families with the respect they deserve.”

Rosine Garabedian, manager for housekeeping, appreciates that the safety alert system provides managers andSAS-sidewalk-chalk-thumbnail staff with another support mechanism. “I encouraged my team to call the incident report line and now the safety alert system for anything they feel is a safety concern or a respect and dignity issue,” she says. “They feel supported when they call. When they see action from the concerns they’ve raised, their confidence in our systems grows.”

While the scope of the upcoming 90 day initiative on safety isn’t finalized just yet, replicating the safety alert system to Royal University Hospital will be a priority for the work.

“With the 90 Days of Innovation: Ready Every Day, we saw how powerful it was to have teams doing targeted and focused work on improving patient flow,” says Schmid. “While the prep work begins this summer, come September we’ll have the opportunity to focus on improving quality and safety within our Region and to truly make Saskatoon Health Region safer every day for patients and their families, and our physicians, staff and volunteers.”